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Prof. Mohammad Naseem Faruqui

By Afzal Usmani*

Ahsan Raza Khan

Naved Masood*

It is a pity that the passing away of Ahsan Raza Khan has been widely reported in the context of his supposedly being a teacher of President Hamid Karzai. He deserves to be mourned and remembered for other reasons. First, to set the record straight. Khan was not the teacher of Karzai who was a student of Political Science at Shimla. Khan was a kind of mentor to Karzai who gave emotional support and provided intellectual growth to a lonely Pakhtun boy from Kandahar.



Sir Syed and Aligarh Movement - A Talk by Dr Aslam Abdullah

This was a keynote address delivered by Dr. Aslam Abdullah on Sir Syed Day organised by Aligarh Alumni Association of Northern California in 2009. Dr. Aslam Abdullah is Director of Islamic Center of Nevada US. He is one of the founder and Trustee of American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (AFMI).

Dr. Aslam Abdullah took admission in Aligarh Muslim University(AMU) in B.A. (Sociology). He joined the movement of Jai Prakash Narain and on 25th June 1977 he was arrested in Delhi and put behind bars for 18 months during Emergency imposed by Indian Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Officially he never got a degree from AMU Aligarh, but by heart he is among the true followers of Sir Syed and his mission and so a true Aligarian.

Letters and Comments by Dr. Hashim Kidwai to Print Media

Chhote Sardar’
The title of “Chhote Sardar” has been conferred on Mr Narendra Modi, who has been responsible for the state-sponsored anti-Muslim pogrom and whose administration’s law and peace enforcing agencies actively helped the rioters in committing the worst kind of brutalities in Gujarat.
Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, the Bara Sardar far from being appreciative of the RSS, held very strong views against it as is evident from the following extracts from his letters:
“Militant communalism which was preached only a few months ago by many spokesmen of Maha Sabha, including men like Mahant Digvijaynath, Prof Ram Singh and Deshpande, could not be regarded but as a danger.
The same would apply to the RSS with the additional danger inherent in an organisation run in secret on military and semi-military lines”.


Dr. Muhammad Hashim Kidwai

A Genuine Muslim Nationalist

By Prof. A.R. Kidwai*
Director, UGC Academic Staff College, AMU Aligarh

Scion of a family of religious scholars:

Death of Prof. Abdul Majid Siddiqi and meeting with Dr. Shahid Jameel

Mohd yunus

The Migrant from Pakistan: Mohammed Yunus (1916-2001)

Naved Masood*

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Sir Syed Bi-Centenary


Hamiduddin Farahi


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