Dr. Masarrat Ali

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Dr. Masarrat Ali

By Afzal Usmani*

This evening Dr. Shaheer Khan sahab's call broke my heart when he broke the news to sad and untimely demise of Dr. Masarrat Ali from San Antonio Texas USA. Aah... Dr. Masarrat Ali is no more with us. Inna Lillahe Wa Inna Elaihe Raajeoon. We pray to Allah to shower his mercy on him and grant him highest place in Jannah and give patience to the family and friends. (Aameen).

Dr. Nelson Mandela said it very correctly; "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Dr. Masarrat Ali proved this quotation right and if not the world, but change the course and future of his immediate family. Born in a lower middle class family of Jhansi (UP), India, used education as a weapon to establish himself and the family in United States.

Dr. Masarrat Ali was born in a small district of Jhansi (UP) India. After completing his primary education in Jhansi, he joined AMU in Pre-University in 1971 and lived in Osmania Lower Hostel of historical Sir Syed Hall. Tried his luck for Medical but could not made it and completed his B.Sc. in 1975 and M.Sc. in 1977 and registered for PhD. He completed his research work from Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow. After completing PhD he moved to France for Post Doctoral research and lived in France for 4-5 years and from there he joined Louisiana State University (LSU) Medical Center in mid 80's and finally in 1994 he established Alpha Diagnostic International Incorporation, a Biotech Company in San Antonio, TX, USA. He became life member of oldest AMU Alumni Association established in North America and joined Aligarh Alumni Association, Washington DC. Later on he established AMU Alumni Association in San Antonio Texas and the AAA-San Antonio joined Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations (FAAA) in 2008 and Dr. Masarrat Ali planed to contest the election of FAAA President ship against Mr. Ali Rizvi of AAA- New England (Boston). In the last minute resignation of President (Elect) Dr. Shaheer Khan averted the election and Dr. Masarrat Ali opted for his job and took over the rein of FAAA for 2008-09. This also gave him the opportunity to represent FAAA in First World Alumni Summit organized by Aligarh Muslim University during 18-19 October 2008. The Summit was addressed by H.E. Mohammad Hamid Ansari, Vice-President of India. His presidency lead to a turmoil and tough of war of powers in FAAA but this is not the time to talk about it. Later on in 2010, he contested election on Democrat party ticket to represent District 122 in the Texas House of Representatives. District 122 was a very strong Republican district so Dr. Ali Lost the election. He has a strong interest in Urdu literature and poetry. On and off he recorded poetry of famous poets including Allama Iqbal and his personal commentary and uploaded to youtube. I do not have much knowledge about his professional ventures but for sure he was a successful businessman and entrepreneur. His sudden death is a heart breaking news for AMU fraternity specially based in USA.

I first met Dr. Msarrat Ali during 3rd annual Convention of The Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations (FAAA) in July 2004 in New York. This was my first participation in FAAA Convention and I was the youngest participant as well as youngest delegate. I was fortunate enough to get attention of majority of my seniors including Dr. Masarrat Ali. We had a brief discussion about few of his ideas and projects and I pledged to be in touch with him to talk more and extend my help to make his project as a reality. In 2004 I was in Phoenix Arizona USA. During 2004 and 2005 I lived in Denver Colorado, San Francisco California and Austin Texas due to my work and got ample opportunity to talk to Dr. Ali regarding his projects which he envision for Sir Syed and Aligarh specially his "Sir Syed Digitalization" project in which he wanted to digitize every piece of written literature about Sir Syed and Aligarh. After July 2004, I met him again in December 2005 when I travelled to San Antonio to attend Sir Syed Day Mushaira. He was kind enough to host me and I stayed at his house. Finally I accepted a new job offer in Austin Texas and permanently moved to Austin in February 2006 stayed till June 2012 and got many opportunities to meet him in San Antonio as well as in Austin. He used to attend almost every Mushaira in Austin organized by any organization. His daughter was studying in UT Austin so he was visiting her and many times we had lunch and dinner and discussed the affairs of AMU Aligarh and FAAA. I left Austin Texas in June 2012 and moved to Southern California and family and work life kept me busy and did not got a chance to connect with him. Never thought that I will never be able to talk to him.

I will always remember him for The Federation of Aligarh Alumni Associations (FAAA) Project Sir Syed Digitalization and www.sirsyedtoday.org which was started and completed under his leadership. There are still some open issues with the project but I will talk about it at some later stage. I was closely associated with this project "Sir Syed Digitalization" since its inception in 2005. I gave him list of Books written by Sir Syed, written on Sir Syed. I had decent collection on Sir Syed in my personal Library in Austin and I shared with him for this project. The most distinct or probably only distinct feature of this project was digitization of "Aligarh Institute Gazette" which is a pioneering work of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in the field of Journalism and Urdu and now because of www.sirsyedtoday.org , its accessible to masses.







Dr. Masarrat Ali (San Antonio, TX) passed away-AMUNetwork

Dear Friends, ASAK
It breaks our heart to inform AMU community that one of our fellow Alig, Dr. Masarrat Ali (San Antonio, TX) passed away today after Juma prayers. We don’t know the details but it appears to be severe heart attack.

إِ نَّ ا لِلّ َه ِ وَإِنَّا إ ِل َيْهِ رَا جِعُونَ

His Namaz-e Janazah will take place tomorrow, Saturday (April 22) at 2:00 PM at MCECC Mosque, 5281 Casa Bella, San Antonio.

Dr. Masarrat Ali joined AMU in 1971 as Pre-University student and earned a Gold Medal in M. Sc. (Biochemistry) in 1977 followed by Ph.D. from CDRI (Lucknow). In 1994 he established Alpha Diagnostic in Biotech Company in San Antonio, TX, USA.

He was the founder of AMU alumni Association of San Antonio and also served as the president of the Federation of Aligarh Alumni Association during 2008-2009.

Dr. Masarrat Ali has done a marvelous job for digitizing the entire collection of books, speeches, letters and articles written by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.

May Allah give him highest place in Jannah and Saber to his family members, Amin

With sadness,

Shaheer Khan
Foster City, CA

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajeoon

It s indeed a very sad news.

Dr. Musarrat had very close relations with me and each time he visited Aligarh, he was kind enough to meet me in the Office.

His contributions to AMU specially digitization of work of Sir Syed can never be forgotten
I request the members of the group to recite part of Quraan for him as this is the ultimate thing he is in need.

With kind regard,

Prof Javaid Akhter
Aligarh Muslim University
Aligarh 202 002

Certainly untimely demise of Dr Musarrat Ali is shocking for all of us especially the Aligarh beradari in USA.

May God bless his soul (Ameen)

A. Abdullah
M.Sc. 1961
Washington DC

Inna lillahe wa inna elaihe rajeun

It's really sad to know about Dr. Masarrat Ali.

I met him in Paris in the same lab where he worked before me. Then again in AMU when he came for a short visit.

He was a hard working gentleman and devoted to education. I feel sad. May Allah grant him Jannatul Firdaus and give strength to his family to bear this loss.

Naheed Banu


Naheed Banu,Ph.D.
Qassim Univ. KSA
On EOL from:
Department of Biochemistry
Faculty of Life Sciences
Aligarh-202002,UP, India

Inna lillah wainna elaihe rajeoon.

Zameen kha gai aasmaan kaise kaise.

Tremendous loss to our Aligarh community and American Muslim Community.

May Allah SWT award him the best place in Jannah, Ameen.


Mushfiquddin Khan
Ph.D. Chemistry (1984)
Charleston, SC
Tel: (843) 452-5562
Email: khanm@musc.edu

Very sad news indeed. Untimely death. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un. May Almighty bless his soul and give sabr-e-jameel to the bereaved family members- amen.

Rasheed Ahmad

Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un

It is indeed a heartbreaking sad news. I am shocked and saddened to learn about his sudden demise. May Allah grant him high place in Jannah and solace to bereaved family.

Masarrat was my contemporary at Aligarh. He lived at S.M.East Lower, Sir Syed Hall. Being a resident of S.M.East (Upper) hostel, I used to see him almost on daily basis. He worked hard in his life and became a successful entrepreneur. He was instrumental in establishing MCECC mosque at San Antonio, Texas.

We spent good time together. He was good at cracking joke. A kind hearted and a young at heart soul is gone. Rest In Peace my brother. Your passing away filled my heart with grief.

With sadness

Rafat Husain
M.Sc. 1976
Washington DC

Innalillah e wa innalillahe rajeoun.
Very sad. May God give his family the patience and strength to cope with this loss.

Tariq M. Haqqi, Ph. D.
Anatomy & Neurobiology

Innnalillaje wainnaelahe rajeoon. May Allah give him highest place in jannah and Sabr to his family. May Allah forgive his sins and make things easy in his grave.
It is indeed a very sad news. I lived in San Antonio and found him such a loving and down to earth person and a true Aligarian by heart. He was also involved in community works in San Antonio and loved by local community. I visited last month to San Antonio and meet his brothers but could not meet him.
May Allah forgive his sins and give strength to his family to bear this tremendous loss.

Mohammad Arif
MCA 1992

Condolences. May be possible that I may met him as I was and I am in AMU.
I always feel very sad when I hear about the passing away of any Aligarian irrespective of the fact whether I knew him or not. He might have been a student of Prof. A. Majid Siddiqui Late.
My heartfelt condolences on passing away of Dr. Masarrat Ali and pray that his soul may rest in peace. Amen.

S.Mohsin Ali Shah
Inter Arts 1955


Dear Bhai Shaheer,

So sad. We have lost a genuinely true Aligarian. SirSyed's Ashiq. Who has digitisation project of his works as a mission all alone. A great friend introduce to me by Shakeel of MarryLand and we were remain in touch.My heartfelt condolences to his family and Aligarh fraternity.

May Allah bless his soul with Rehmat and Maghfirat.

With you in grief,

Prof. Akhtarul Wasey
Maulana Azad University,
Jodhpur. (Rajasthan)
M. A. (Islamic Studies) 1977

Dear AMU Biradri,

It's with utmost broken heart to talk about the untimely sad demise of Dr. Masarrat Ali. May Allah give him the highest place in the "Jannah" Ameen. There is no doubt that it's a huge loss not only to the family and friends but to the entire AMU fraternity, which can never be filled. I have just returned from San Antonio, Texas after attending his janaza. Several Aligarians from different states were also present to say farewell to this great person and friend. I can describe by saying that there was so much of "Noor" on his face that it was glowing. The whole masjid and the graveyard was crowded with people. I have never seen these many people in a janaza in the United States. People talked about his kindness, generosity and contribution to the community.

My association with Masarrat bhai goes back to 1972, when I came to Aligarh and was allotted Room 148 SM East (Lower), S. S. Hall and he was one year senior than me in living in Room 149 of the same hostel. During introduction, he always protected the juniors and became their "Masarrat bhai". He completed M.Sc. in Biochemistry from AMU and Ph.D. from CDRI Lucknow. I also followed the same path and joined him at CDRI one year later. Like many Aligarians, we also came to the United States and continued our friendship. He kept in touch will all friends, visited them regularly, attended important occasions such as their children’s wedding and other celebrations. As many of you know that he was an outstanding scientist that allowed him to establish a successful biotech company. He has a beautiful family with three excellent children, who will fulfill all his remaining dreams. Above all, Dr. Masarrat Ali will be remembered as “best of the best” in all areas, especially friendship. Many Aligarians have showered praise and appreciation in their condolence messages through this network. May Allah rest his soul in Jannah.​

Nafees Ahmad
PUC – M.Sc (1972-1978)

Nafees Ahmad, Ph.D.
Professor of Immunobiology
Director, Immunity and Infection
Department of Immunobiology
College of Medicine
The University of Arizona Health Sciences Center
1501 N. Campbell Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85724

ASAK Dear Aligarians; One of our bright, caring and extremely dedicated Aligarian, Dr. Masarrat Ali has moved on to be with his creator. MAy Allah give him maghfirat and a place in Jannat. I met him first at one of the FAAA Conventions. He was a brilliant scientist, a successful entrepreneur, a proud father, a loving husband and above all a fine human being. While others sat to plan and devise ways to bring about a positive change at AMU, he saw the need, found a solution, provided the resources, took on a personal interest and accomplished the digitization project at AMU.

He was my predecessor as the President of the Federation of Aligarh Alumni Association. I enjoyed the swift actions he took once decisions were made. Being an entrepreneur myself, I knew this came from his business background. He was well-spoken and had great oratory skills. Deeply caring for his friends, he often traveled to be and spend time with them.

Masarrat founded the Texas Muslim Democrat Caucus. He bravely contested the elections as a democrat in a predominantly republican state of Texas, but lost. Around that time, we often talked and while I was sorry that he had lost, he said it was not a matter of winning or losing, it was important to be engaged in the political process and "if we are not on the table, we will be in the "menu".

I pray again, that Allah grant him maghfirat and a place in jannat. May Allah also give sabr to his wife and his family to bear this great loss.

Stay Blessed...
Syed Ali Rizvi, MBA 1984,
Boston, MA

Sir Syed Bi-Centenary


Hamiduddin Farahi



Masood-ul Hasan

ZH Chowdhury