Committee of Deans Submitted the Report Regarding Grievances of Students

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Dear Br. Irfan Khan,
Secretary, AMU Students' Struggle Committee.

Good to see your email. I personally always support any peaceful, democratic protest to demand fundamental rights of citizens in general and here students in particular. The ugly incidents in last week of October followed by a sine-die (converted to winter vacation even before winter) is definitely not good for AMU community. There have been a series of emails in support of AMU Students or AMU Administration or to oppose both. Even I wrote a very strong email on the subject. Let me reiterate few things and comment on few of your comments and express few of my suggestions which I am keep writing to AMU Administration for years personally as well as via AMUNetwork.

1. When Mr. Adil Hossain started writing on AMUNetwork long before this October, I personally talked to him over the phone to get a first hand assessment from him. Here I am quoting a very strong observation of Mr. Adil Hossain, "Any small incident in campus can trigger a turmoil".

I knew and very strongly felt the frustration of Student community but this event which took place outside of campus and the aftermath was uncalled for such a massive agitation. The agitation could have been started prior to this incident or sometime after this to demand all the genuine demands including Students Union Election. The timing of the agitation made us think that you were waiting for something to happen to launch the agitation.

Mr. Adil Hossain's comment came true and I started believing that even we do not respect a dead body and can play politics over dead people. Does AMU Students Struggle Committee ever try to find out what happened to the family of Late Shahnawaz, how can his be helped and how to fill the wounds of the family of the deceased. Maybe you have tried but at least I am not aware of your findings.

In 1996, Mr. Nadeem Alam was killed in a police firing near VC lodge and a section of students wanted to carry the dead body to different Halls of residence to charge-up the students to launch a massive agitation against the then Vice-Chancellor Mr.Mahmudur Rahman, but due to sensible intervention of some senior students/Teachers , the situation was averted and the body was moved to Late Nadeem's native place Azamgarh to be buried.

Immediately after the opening the AMU campus, all those who wanted to carry the dead body of Late Nadeem to Hall-to-Hall to ignite the situation and to launch a campaign against the Vice-Chancellor Mr. Mahmoodur Rahman were in the lap of then then Vice-Chancellor Mr. Mahmudur Rahman and got appointed as Proctorial Monitors and later Adhoc Office Beares of AMU Students Union and ruled over the campus as long as Mr. Rahman was Vice-Chancellor and all those who opposed to politics over a dead body of fellow students were kicked out of the University.

I pray to Allah the same should not be repeated this time in AMU campus.

2. By no means, Electric Heater was allowed in the past and should be never allowed as University has to pay the electric bills. I agree that the enforcement of the Heater Ban was not very strong and was at different levels in different Hostels.

It is a common myth that Pandit Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India made AMU Electricity free but this is not at all true. If its true, we will love to see any document in this regard.

But AMU Administration needs to make sure or allow the use of Air Cooler,Computer, Cell phone is the residential Halls and necessary power outlets needs to be enabled.

This does not make any sense to ban the use of above articles in AMU Campus.

Proper Cafeteria/Canteen needs to be open till mid-night or at least till 11:30 pm as AMU is a University Campus, not a School Campus.

3. Jammers in MA Library should be a must. Not only in MA Library, it should be place in all libraries, like Engineering College Library (Book Bank), JNMC Library, Abdullah College Library and if possible, all Reading Rooms of Halls of residence.

4. Visiting Fathers/elders/brothers/friends should be allowed for couple of days with proper permission from Warden. If they have plans to stay for a longer period, Old Boys Lodge could be one of the option None of us wants our mother/sisters to stay in Boys Hostel and same is true for father/brother in Girls Hostel.

5. This is the last but most important point;

Some form of evaluation should be considered for AMU Teaching/Technical Staff otherwise the situation in AMU will never improve. I know this will be toughest task for any Vice-Chancellor, but someone has to bite the bullet.

6. AMU Court, Executive Council has to be restructured.

7. Tradition of Introduction (Not ragging) has to be revived. Some Orientation Program can be arranged in the beginning.

8. Literary/Cultural/Sports Activities needs to be promoted. These activities gives a fresh air and kills a lot of frustration from the students community.

I will keep writing as something else comes to my mind. I will request others also to share their thoughts which can improve the overall condition of AMU Campus.

asak zakir bhai , it is

asak zakir bhai , it is heartening to see that u have tried to see the viewpoint of the students and have not tried to sermonise them about the need to support the university administration in its ambitious ventures.I totally supportyour view point and pray to allah that the Vc has a change of heart in his approach towards the students of our beloved alma mater.But let me share my ppessimism ,going by the past record of the VC and his coterie it seems unlikely that he will relent, while i support his drive for cutrting off heaters in the hostels but he should himself had taken the lead by voluntarily removing or at least reducing the 24 A.C. whichj he uses even during pleasent weather of november and march.

Sir Syed Bi-Centenary


Hamiduddin Farahi


ZH Chowdhury

Satish Chandra