Launch of by Er. Zakir Ali Khan

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Launch of by Er. Zakir Ali Khan

On the occasion of Sir Syed Day Celebrations-2009 in Long Island New York , a new website ( ) on Sir Syed and his mission "Aligarh Movement" was launched by a true Aligarian and one of the flag bearer of Aligarh Movement, Er. Mohammad Zakir Ali Khan . Er. Mohammad Zakir Ali Khan was there to attend the auspicious occasion of 192nd birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and the annual celebration of Sir Syed Day by Aligarh Alumni Association of New York Tr-State and receive annual "Sir Syed Lifetime achievement" conferred on him by Aligarh Alumni Association of New York Tri-State. The proceddings started with a brief introduction of the website and its its developer, Mr. Afzal Usmani by Dr. Shaheer Khan. He emphasized the need of a website where introductory information and Sir Syed, Aligarh movement and prominent Aligarians is easily accessible. Dr. Khan said that this new website will fill the vaccumm and will inspire others to work in this direction. After his brief comments, he requested Er. Muhammad Zakir Ali Khan to inaugurate the website by clicking the mouse on the link of the website. While inaugurating the website, Er. Mohammad Zakir Ali Khan , who is a Co-Founder of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, expressed the need of a such website which can fulfill the void in cyberspace to carry on the mission of Sir Syed and Aligarh Movement. This is an era of information Technology and people look for information on internet because its easy and accessible from anywhere on a click of a button. He congratulated Mr. Afzal Usmani, the brain behind this website and his team and extended his support to make this website as a reference portal for all the information of Aligarh Movement to carry on mission of Sir Syed. Prof. Waseem Barelvi, famous Urdu poet also spoke on the occasion. He appreciated the efforts of Afzal Usmani for making the material on Sir Syed, his associates, and Aligarh movement available at one place.

Prof. Waseem Barelvi, Mr.Meraj Faizabadi Tahir Faraz, Mr. Manzar Bhopali (Urdu Poets from India), Saleem Kausar, Abbas Tabish (Urdu Poets from Pakistan), Zamin Jafri (Urdu Poet from Canada) and Humaira Rahman (Urdu Poetess from NY) were also prent on the occasion. Former President of The Federation of Aligarh Alumni Association (FAAA) Mr. Muzaffar Habib, Treasurer Mr. Riazuddin Alvi and member of Board of Trustees of FAAA, Mr. Ahsan Fazli, President of AMUAA, NY, Mrs. Anis Khan, and many other distinguished guests were also present.

While addressing the function via teleconference, Afzal Usmani expressed his gratitude to all those who helped him to make this website a reality and he also expressed his happiness over the inauguration of the website by Er. Zakir Ali Khan, to whom he considers among the best who are living on this planet to carry on the mission of Sir Syed and his Aligarh Movement. He dedicate the website to the greatest educational and social reformer of modern time, Sir Syed Ahmad Khanand who is dear to all Aligarian and followers of Aligarh Movement. He also requested everyone to share any information which they consider will be relevant for the website. He promised to publish them with due acknowledgments. Dr. Shaheer Khan proposed vote of Thanks and presented the first day cover of Indian postal stamp on legendary Aligarian Asrarul Haq "Majaz" to Zakir Ali Khan. The distinguished apprecited the gift and said it will be a wonderful addition to his library.

Er. Mohammd Zakir Ali Khan Inaugurating the website

(Sitting)L-R: Prof. Waseem Bareilvi, Er. Zakir Ali Khan, Mr. Meraj Faizabadi
(Standing)L-R: Mr. Riaz Alvi, Mr. Muzaffar Habib, Mr. Manzar Bhopali, Dr. Shaheer Khan and Mr. Ahsan Fazli

Er. Mohammd Zakir Ali Khan writing his comments and good wishesfor the website

MZAK Message
Inaugural Message from Er. Zakir Ali Khan

Video : Launch of by Er. Zakir Ali Khan

Dear All,

As you all know that its more than 2 years when was launched by Er. Zakir Ali Khan in New York.
Alhamdolillah with your support and cooperation, it is getting lots of attention. We are receiving many mails to use the content and sometime people use the content without due acknowledgement. But it is fine. As long as the the contents are used for right purposes, we do not object.

During the inauguration of the website, I could not make it to New York but Dr. Shaheer Khan was present and recorded the ceremony. I am thankful to his son Muneeb Hasan Khan who edited the video and uploaded to youtube and shared with me too. It was a great pleasure to see the video. I just wanted to share the same with you all.

I am thankful to Er. Zakir Ali Khan Sahab who is always a source of inspiration for me. I came to know that these days he is not feeling very well so we request you all to please remember him in your prayers for his good health. As Dr. Asim Rizvi said once to me that if we pray for people like these, its in our interest too as they are like "Tabarruk" for us and we do not want to miss the chance to get blessings and dua from them.

Zakir Sahab and people of his generation are true followers and "Aashiq-e-Sir Syed". We want them to be in our midst to inspire us to have same passion and love for the mission of Sir Syed.

Here is a brief life sketch of Er. Zakir Ali Khan Sahab;

I missed many chances to meet him in person but now I am regretting it and I hope and pray to get a chance to meet him as soon as possible.

Once again I request you all to remember him in your dua. Also remember all those people of his like in our prayers to have good health to live among us for a long time.Â


Afzal Usmani

Launch of Website

I hope that this website would be helpful in strengthening Aligarh Movement.
Great job Afzal Bhai. Keep it up!


Launch of the website by Er. Zakir Ali Khan

I congratulate Afzal usmani a very dear student of mine for the wonderful work he has done to launch a new website.till now whatever he has done I think he is trying to repay the debt he ows to his Alma mater.This is the way we can really contribute to the Aligarh movement.Once again my congratulatios to Afzal and i wish him very best of everything hereafter.

Suhail Sabir

Sir Syed Bi-Centenary


Hamiduddin Farahi


ZH Chowdhury

Satish Chandra