My visit to Aligarh Modern School, Aligarh(UP) India

By Afzal Usmani

My visit to Aligarh Modern School, Aligarh(UP) India

It was really a pleasure as well as honor to spend couple of hours on 26th July 2010 at Aligarh Modern School(AMS), Aligarh. I knew Aligarh Modern School since its inception in late 80s when it was started next to Medical College in Doharrah Maafi village.

Dr. Asim Rizvi, Manager AMS took me to the school and introduced to the students and staff. It has been a long time for me to be in a school and to interact with so many kids who will be future leaders and flag bearers of Aligarh educational movement. While interacting with the students, Dr. Asim Rizvi asked several random questions and I was amazed with their answers. At the age of 10, I did not have any clue about my future and never thought to be an Engineer or Doctor but now things are changed. The kids were at least thinking to become something. One of the kids who was hardy 10 years old expressed his desire to be a Cricketer and when we inquired about his performance in cricket, he was good at it. One little girl wanted to be a "Painter" and expressed the desire to spread the message of peace through her paintings. We had a special interactive session with Class X students too. Their desire to know more about higher education and coming to America/Europe for higher education was very encouraging. They asked many questions regarding the American Way of life and conditions of Muslims in United States.

At the end, it was very inspiring to listen to the Tarana-e-Aligarh Modern School and which was not same as Tarana-e-Aligarh but was realy inspiring and motivating. I personally requested Dr. Asim Rizvi to send me the transcript of Tarana-e-Aligarh Modern School. While departing from the School, I made a promise to pay more visits to the school in future and also promised to make sure when our fellow alumni go to Aligarh, we can arrange their visit to the school too.






Tarana-e-Aligarh Modern School

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