My Trip to India 2011

Afzal Usmani

My Trip to India 2011

Dear All,

Since 2000 I am living outside of India but I always put my feet on Indian soil on every calendar year. But my recent trip in Aug-Oct 2011 was one of the most meaningful trip I ever had. It was so eventful and fruitful that I was planning to extend it but could not do it due to my professional commitment in my adopted homeland. I came back to US on 15th October and direcly landed in San Francisco area to attend annual Aligarh Educational Endowment Fund fundraiser, Sir Syed Day and International Mushaira. After staying for 2 days in California I arrived to my adopted home in Austin Texas on 17th October 2011. I am thankful to all the hospitality extended by my friends in Aligarh, Delhi and in San Francisco to make this trip a memorable trip. Even though the trip gave me some hard time due to some health issues of my Ammi but thanks to Allah S.W.T. and my respected senior in Delhi to came to my rescue and Alhamdolillah she is doing fine now.

Insha-Allah I am going to write in brief about the different events which took place during the trip. Of course this is not to glamorize my trip but to put forward my experiences and to learn from your comments and suggestions.

Part - IV

Visit to Fatehpur Girls Inter College, Fatehpur Mau (UP)

Part - III

Visit to Aligarh Bachchon Ka Ghar (Aligarh Childrens Home)- Aligarh

Part - II

Death of Prof. Abdul Majid Siddiqi and meeting with Dr. Shahid Jameel

Part - I

Meeting with Dr. Mohsin Raza : Founder of Sultan Jahan Coaching Center

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