Sir Syed aur Urdu Literature : Allama Shibli Nomani

Sir Syed aur Urdu Literature : Allama Shibli Nomani

By Afzal Usmani

Sir Syed is a well accepted Muslim reformer in modern history. But majority considers him only as a social and educational reformer. But he was a multi facet personality and he brought revolution is lots of fields and Urdu Literature is one of them. When he died on 27th March 1898, the April issue of mouthpiece of M.A.O. College, its Magazine was already out in press so other than a single page notification nothing more was published on Sir Syed. But a lot of important things were published in May 1898 issue and one of them was an amazing article on Sir Syed's reform and contribution in Urdu Literature, "Sir Syed Marhoom and Urdu Literature" by one of his ardent supporter, admirer and his disciple Allama Shibli Nomani.

Before Sir Syed, Urdu was a language of "Ishq and Mashooq".

"Hum huye, tum huye ki Mir Huye, ---- uski zulfo(n) ke sab aseer huye"

Sir Syed broke from this and tried his best to make Urdu as a language of masses. The Urdu language used in his journalistic ventures "Tahzibul Akhlaq" and "Aligarh Institute Gazzette" was simple and effective and made good inroads to common people.

As we are in the year 2017. This year will mark 200th Birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and best way to pay your tribute to him is to know more about him and imitate him to help the humanity in best possible way.

The pages are from the May 1898 issue of Mohammadan Anglo Oriental (M.A.O.) College Magazine and Institute Gazette;