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Khwaja Abdul Hamied

Father of indigenous modern pharmaceutical industry of India

Naved Masood*

A critical biographical note on Dr (Sir) Ziauddin Ahmad

Naved Masood*

Dr (Sir) Ziauddin Ahmad, Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University (13.4.1935 to 29.4.1938 and 24.4.1941 to 23.4.1947)

ہوگا کہیں فلک پر خورشید جلوہ گر
کہتے ہیں کی آفتاب کبھی ڈوبتا نہیں

For the first time when I paid a visit to the graveyard of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in Jama Masjid, AMU Aligarh, I saw 2 other graves next to him. One was Sir Ross Masood and other Dr. Sir Ziauddin Ahmed. To get a place next to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, someone must be very close to him or should have done something remarkable to realize his dream.
We all know that Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad has no blood relation with Sir Syed but he was a true disciple of Sir Syed and his mission and spent his entire life to realize the dream of Sir Syed and finally found a place next to his mentor and ideal, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.


Prof. Masood Hussain Khan

By Afzal Usmani

Prof. Khalil-ur-Rehman Azmi

By Afzal Usmani

AMU in the 1990s: Some Aspects of Student Politics - FDR (1994-99)

The Political Context of FDR’s origin and its ‘Ideological’ Contents

Dr Mohammad Sajjad

The New Centres of Aligarh Muslim University : A Beginning of Resurgence

Dr. Rahat Abrar

The mission of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, a symbol of Muslim renaissance in India was not only to establish an educational institution at Aligarh but his vision was that this institution gains the central position among Muslims by providing them leadership in educational matters and all Muslim institutions are affiliated with this. It is a great moment that the dream of Sir Syed is going to materialize with the establishment of Aligarh Muslim University’s centres in Murshidabad (West Bengal) and Malappuram (Kerala). It looks pertinent to turn attention to the chronology of events that culminated into establishment of new centres of AMU.



Shaharyar - Doyen of Urdu poetry

By Afzal Usmani


Prof. K.P. Singh

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