Syed Kamran Kazmi

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Kamran Kazmi sb

Syed Kamran Kazmi

Naved Masood*

I learnt of the passing away of Kamran Kazmi Sahib early yesterday morning while already on way to Aligarh from our mutual friend Wasim Ahmad aka "Bhindi" and was thus unable to put the sad news on the network. I notice that his son Rehan (who very thoughtfully also rang me up soon after the burial) has already notified his father's sad, last inevitable journey.


Kamran Kazmi was the son of a highly regarded civil servant Muizuddin Ahmad, who played a very important role in actual ushering in of "Green Revolution" in UP. The family is among the old Allahabad Muslim elite. His maternal grandfather Mr Abdul Wasey was one of the pillars of UP magistracy during the period the British empire was on its last legs. As City Magistrate of Agra in 1942 it was he who let off the young Atal Bihari Vajpayee for offences relating to participation in the "Quit India Movement" - an episode, that many will remember, was revived during Vajpayee ji's tenure as Prime Minister. Two of his maternal uncles were distinguished academics: Prof Nafis Ahmed (known as 'Addha' in pre 1947 Aligarh on account of his short stature, was a distinguished Geographer who later migrated to Pakistan and palyed a significant role in resource mapping of the erstwhile East Pakistan; his other uncle Prof Rais Ahmed was a Professor of Physics at AMU and later occupied key positions as Chief of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and Vice Chairman of the University Grants Commission (UGC) apart from being Vice Chancellor of the Kashmir University.

Kamran Sahib's claim to fame was not simply on account of being the scion of a distinguished family - he was indedd an exceedingly humane person with a clear head and noble heart. Time and again he approached me and many others associated with the Government for sorting out problems of strangers whose troubles he came to know and with whom he had nothing to do. On a couple of occasions, however, he took the trouble of contacting me to tell that on further inquiries he found that the version of the person on whose behalf he had put in a word was not correct. Such altruism tinged with a sense of responsibility is not very common. I had often wondered aloud during his healthier days as to how a person running his own business could be so considerate and free of vices.

His reservoir of knowledge of and concern with the well being of his alma mater was phenomenal. Even during his illness he would not let go of this concern and constantly faulted me for my indifference to the travails of AMU. It is doubtful if many educational institutions anywhere in the world would be blessed with such caring alumni who had
no personal vested interest in the in institution beyond a genuine sense of belonging and feelings of joy and sorrow depending on how the "beloved" was faring.

It is truly said that the true mettle of a person is seen when he/ she is faced with adversity. The bravery and stoic fortitude with which he faced his grave ailment was simply remarkable - it bordered on unbelievable. I should know as I was very much privy to his medical tribulations since the was first detected with ascites (fluid in the
abdominal cavity). My good friend Prof Nirmal Kumar, the Gastroenterologist who diagnosed his condition was quite candid with him not simply about the diaganosis but also the prognosis despite my request to him to be 'roundabou'. The experienced clinician that "Nirmal Bhai" is, he assured me that people like Kmran Kazmi 'cope better if
they know the whole story'. I doubt if Kmaran Sahib had taken his family in confidence in the matter at least initially. He would periodically update me over the phone about his condition from Allahabad - his versions were a mix of optimism and realism. I can only recall such bravery from just another person, the late Prof Izhar Husain Professor
of Mathematics at AMU (that is another episode to be narrated at the proper time). All I can say is that in my present assignment I come across so many individuals facing serious illness - among those one knew in their "healthier days" many were picture of boldness and courage which gave way to despair and gnawing anxiety in the face of life threatening situations which was quite natural and understandable. With people like Mr Kmran Kazmi it was therefore inexplicable and unnatural -one would not know how to "deal" with him during such period of distress. His "normal conversation" was frankly quite disconcerting. All in all here was a person of extraordinary courage and total detachment.

He deserves to be as much celebrated as mourned by the members of the network.

*Mr. Naved Masood is an AMU Alum and a senior Civil Servant in Govt. of India and he is based in New Delhi. He can be reached at

Note : Syed Kamran Kazmi stayed in AMU from 1963 to 1969 and completed his M.Sc. (Physics) in 1969 and settled down in Allahabad. He also served as member of AMU Court from 1992 to 2003.

Sayed Kamran Kazmi

Remembering the days that are no more...
Looking back to over thirty years of vivid recollections of the incidents of my life and contemporary events and changes what are the thoughts they inspire :
ALIGARH: Sulaiman Hall, Jai Kishan and KAMRAN.
I met Kamran in 1963,B.Sc. first yr-Physics dept. No one introduced us, only destiny ordained to unfold in later years. He was born with almost every advantage; had a beautiful smile, an interesting face, a good voice, academic/ administrative background with natural authority. Kamran had cultivated an acumen of digging out the best of a person and I can't forget the day when he forced me to accompany a crucial AMU- students delegation to meet top seven Union Ministers of 1965; lobbying for the minority character of AMU.... From there onwards I did not look back, I gained so much confidence to move on. I am indebted to you, Kamran... One day, I wish to write about those days: the crude, unformed thoughts, the awkward passions-they are only ridiculous in retrospect; we did not realize at that time that we were deciding our whole lives! We were fine students but did not like to keep company with miscellaneous set; and at the same time did not stand those so called progressive guild: the social entity of this guild, we observed, belonged to a common herd of well-to-do folks who thought they belonged to a free - society and appeared as a shifting mass of miscellaneous and uncertain membership carrying long hair, patches on trousers and hi-fi out-look; close relatives of Karl Marx/ Bertrand Russell/Sigmund Freud.
Kamran's father was an upright IAS officer, he was additional Secret in the Ministry of Food & Agriculture, I often stayed with Kamran while in Delhi, one day I had the honour of receiving Dr. Nurul Hassan, Dr. Monis Raza and Dr. Rais Ahmed (Kamran's maternal uncle) and informed PAPA of the guests. Moizuddien Saheb asked me to stay with him while they Chat. One of the guests criticised Muslim's approach on social modern values, perpetuating various divides ! The discussion became femininely interesting for Moors like us; here Moizuddien Saheb quipped, " Moonis, let us face reality; even amongst communists we find compartmentalisation in approach, Sunni-communist / Shia- communist/ Marxists; and why not, the problem is with our inherited-profiles/attitude... " he went on and on... This is what made the Kamrans simply regal. Kamran moved through life with certitude of one to whom concealment was impossible, either towards his surroundings or towards himself. There he was complete and obvious; the world might take him or leave him!
ALIGARH remained permeated in his blood. He was devoted to his children and Shahien ( his miraculously bestowed wife). He deeply loved his only sister Rabab (Bb) and she proved to the world, what it means to be an unforgettable SISTER.
I wish she writes a short Memoir: "Bhai Jan, Papa's Meenu".
Last time when Kamran visited Jeddah, I showed him a clip of the poet Maya Angelou on " Good Morning America". Kamran's enthusiasms were catching. He said, " Let our new generation say: GOOD MORNING ALIGARH; and again bring a change.. "
On 100 days of our parting....
M. Jawed Khan Shervani,

Our beloved Kamran Saheb

No one can change the destiny. We have lost a great personality. He was President of the A.M.U Old Boys' Association, Allahabad Unit, Allahabad for last Four years. He was keenly interested in organising several functions of the Association. His valuable advise are mile stone for the Association. His sad demise is a big loss not only for his family but for all the Alumnus.

Syed Ali Murtaza
Treasurer, A.M.U Old Boys' Association, Allahabad Unit, Allahabad.

Re: Sad Demise of Syed Kamran Kazmi Sahab

Shocked and grieved to learn about the passing away of Mr Kamran Kazmi
.Innaliallah .Kamran sahib was my contemporary at Aligarh and we used to be
good friends .I join the Alig fraternity and his family in mourning his sad
demise .I pray for his maghfirat and sabre jameel tothe bereaved family

Dr Saleem Kidwai
American Studies Division
School of International Studies
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi-110067,India

Re: Sad Demise of Syed Kamran Kazmi Sahab

Inna Lillahe Wa Inna Elaihe Rajeoon,

Dear Brother Rehan Kazmi,

This is a very sad news. We all pray to Allah to shower his mercy on (Late) Kamran Kazmi Sahab.

(Late) Kamran Kazmi sahab was a member on AMUNetwork for a long time and was also a regular contributor to the discussion till he was healthy. It was AMUNetwork through which I came into his contact. Eventhough we never met but had numerous email exchanges and on different occasions we had telephonic conversations too. Very recently I had a brief chat with him on gmail and he updated me about his health. Never thought that the said chat will be my last conversation with him. His thoughtful and healthy discussions will always be in our memories. He invited me to visit Allahabad on several occasions but somehow I never got the opportunity to visit Allahabad and meet him in person. I will miss him.

The last message he wrote on AMUNetwork was Novemebr 2008.

Few of his messages on AMUNetwork can very easily be accessed;

Mainly the VCs-History and Politics

His posting Mainly the VCs-History and Politics was very informative and interesting.

On behalf of AMUNetwork and AMU fraternity, we express our condolences and pray to Allah to shower on his mercy and blessings on Marhoom and grant him a place in Jannah. (Ameen).


Afzal Usmani
Austin TX

Sad Demise of Syed Kamran Kazmi Sahab

Dear Aligarh Community Members,
ASA. With deep sorrow, I would like to inform you all, the sad demise of, my father, Janab Syed Kamran Kazmi sb. on Saturday, 22nd January 2011. He had been fighting Cancer for the last one year but finally had to give in to the deadly disease. He leaves behind his wife Shaheen Kazmi and sons, Ehsan and Rehan (myself).
Born in 1948, Janab Syed Kamran Kazmi sb studied in Aligarh from 1963-69. He completed PUC, BSc & MSc (Physics) during his time there and resided in Aftab Hall (McDonnell hostel) and Sulaiman Hall (JK). He was an ex-AMU court member and lived and worked in Allahabad. He was also the former President of the Allahabad Old Boys' Association and well known to people who came regularly to Allahabad for jurisdictional help. He was also an active contributor to this forum. Please pray to Allah for his Maghferat and Sabr-e-jameel for us.

Rehan Kazmi,
BTech (Mech) 2000,
Phoenix, USA

Sir Syed Bi-Centenary


Hamiduddin Farahi


ZH Chowdhury

Satish Chandra