Why to celebrate Sir Syed Day ?

Dear Aligs,

17th October, the annual festivity seasons for Aligs around the world is on the corner. Most of us are in a process to celebrate it in one or the other form. Some of us agree with these celebrations and others don't. I agree with both the sides. Even though I am a strong beliver to enjoy this festivity but with the following questions in my mind;

  1. Do we ever try to reason the reasons of this festivity ?
  2. What is the be the best way to pay our tributes to the grand old man of our community ?
  3. Do we ever think, what would have been the reaction of Sir Syed, if he sees the festivities on his birth anniversary around the globe ?
  4. Even though Islam is against the birth or death anniversaries, why we celebrate Sir Syed Day even though majority of the participants in the celebrations are Muslims or followers of Islam ?
  5. Does the lavish Dinner, Awards, Mushairas and other social and cultural activities will please Sir Syed or his mission ?

May be some of us might be thinking that either I am a cynical or hypocrite, but trust me, I do not mind what ever you think about me. Even I don't not have the answers to the above question. Just wanted to know what others feels about my feelings and anxiety or does they feel the same way.

celebration of sir syed day

asalamalikm ,as per my perception, we do celebrate to commerate the fullfilment of a great dream n vision set by sir syed,in the form of AMU,,,,BUT at present m in the campus, n itz very hurting to share ,that the students culture in the campus is so pathetic rather contarary to AMU tradition ,,,,,,,,sir syed day is a eid for those aligarian only who stood/stand to the goal of sir syed(r.a) frm shahnawazali8law@in.com

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