Mashaheer-e-Aligarh Number of Tahzibul Akhlaq

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Mashaheer-e-Aligarh Number of Tahzibul Akhlaq

Afzal Usmani

Education and social reform are the two planks of Aligarh Movement and Tahzibul Akhlaq was one of the tool used by Sir Syed Ahmad to achieve his mission.

The primary objective of Tahzibul Akhlaq was:

Establishment of Social Harmony among the Muslims of India.

Revival of True Islamic Traditions

Remove the misconception of Islam from the massed in regards with modern developments

Since the revival of Tahzibul Akhlaq which took place in 1981, some of its primary ingredients were missing. Most of its article were of pure academic nature and a very specific audience was targeted. Instead of becoming a journal to spread awareness and follow the guidelines of its founder to stick to its aims and objective, it kept drifting away from its aim and objective.

After taking the lead in Idarah Tahzibul Akhlaq, its editor published 2 volumes of "Quran Number" in 2012 and planning to publish Mashaheer-e-Aligarh number in 2013. So far only "Sir Syed Number" is getting published every year in October. It is very pleasant news that the Editor Dr. Abu Sufyan Islahi is bringing out special issues.

During my recent visit to Aligarh, I met many people including Editor TAHZIBUL AKHLAQ, Dr. Abu Sufyan Islahi.
It was a good news for me when he informed that a special Issue on the eminent figures of Aligarh (Mashaheer-e-Aligarh) will be published shortly by Idara-e-Tahzibul Akhlaq & Nishant, A.M.U., Aligarh. This special issue is based on about 30 (thirty) articles, on the renowned scholars and personalities of Aligarh, which contains at least 350 pages. All the articles will be based on the latest research, analysis and criticism. This publication will bring into light the Cultural, Historical, Literary and Informative aspects of Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Hopefully the publication will enhance the academic profile of not only Tahzibul Akhlaq but also of the Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Hope the trend continues and Tahzibul Akhlaq can find its lost glory and true purpose.

This is also very sad the journal started by Sir Syed only has around 1000 subscription. I will take this opportunity to request to the members of Aligarh Fraternity and Sir Syed's follower to subscribe the journal.


Annual: 100/- Rs
Life Member: 1000/-Rs.

By Airmail: 30$ (USD)
By Surface Mail: 15$ (USD)
Life Membership 300$(USD)


Tahzeebul Akhlaq & Nishant
1- Shibli Road, AMU Aligarh (UP) –India -202002

Tel: +571-2703027

Sir Syed Bi-Centenary


Hamiduddin Farahi


ZH Chowdhury

Satish Chandra