Sir Syed Academy

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Sir Syed Academy


Sir Syed House (Office of Sir Syed Academy)

The Academy has the singular privilege of operating from a house consecrated through long years of residence by the great man from whom the academy gets not only its name but its very raison d’etre.

Sir Syed House was originally a military mess. In 1876 it was bought by Syed Mahmood, the first Indian judge of the Allahabad High Court for the residence of his father Jawad ud Daula Arif Jung Sir Syed Ahmad. The bungalow, known as Sir Syed House, lay in a dilapidated condition till it was fully renovated and restored to its original grandeur in the early 1970S. It was decided to Convert the Building into a memorial for the founder and house in it the Academy named after him. The Academy was inaugurated on 22nd October, 1974. The founder Director of the Academy the Late Professor Khaliq Ahmad Nizami put the wh effort on a sound footing with his extraordinary interest andinowledge of the Aligarh Movement. Since its inception the Academy has been trying to create an awareness and understanding about the tremendous contributions that Sir Syed made for the advancement of the cause of educational, technological, social and cultural development. The Academy highlights the substantial effort of Sir Syed to promote unity and ha among the various comniunifies of this vast country and thus to champion the noble cause of nation building.

Akbar Ali Khan Governor of UP Inaugurating Sir Syed Academy

H.E. Akbar Ali Khan Governor of Uttar Pradesh, India, Inaugurating Sir Syed Academy on 22nd October, 1974. Prof. A.M. Khusro (VC AMU), Nawab Chattari (Chancellor AMU) and Prof. K.A. Nizami, Founding Director of Sir Syed Academy were also present on the occasion.


The following sections of the academy have been established to help fulfill its purpose:

The Personal effects of Sir Syed kept in this section for display are a major attraction of the Academy. Besides, there are three galleries:
The first gallery aims at providing an introductory glimpse into the life and times of Sir Syed and his associates.
The second gallery tells through its exhibits the story of the various phases of the M.A.O. College.

The third gallery presents a brief history of Aligarh Muslim University. On display are the photographs of the Vice-Chancellors as well as those of the campus buildings in a chronological sequence. Three large portraits of the founder, his sons and close associates can be seen in the conference hall and the library.


Sir Syed's Stick & Compass

Sir Syed's Desk


Sir Syed's Sofa Set

Sir Syed's Doshala





Muslim University Ki Kahani 386


Besides the official records of MAO College, this section contains records of the various societies, projects and associations established by Sir Syed in a period of about Eighty five years. This set of records provides a wealth of source material not only for a study of Muslim educational activity from 1863 to 1947 but also for a knowledge of the contributions of many muslims to the country’s struggle for freedom. A number of Indian and foreign scholars have already consulted the archives. There has been a remarkable increase in the number of Indians and overseas scholars visiting the academy over the years with a keen interest in the achieves.

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Mr. Naseem Ahmad, VC, AMU Aligarh visiting Sir Syed Academy on 17th Oct. 2005


Mr. Naseem Ahmad, VC, AMU Aligarh Inaugurating a book published by Sir Syed Academy on 17th Oct. 2006


Mr. Naseem Ahmad, VC, AMU Aligarh Inaugurating the digitized archives of Sir Syed Academy on 17th Oct. 2006

Mr. Naseem Ahmad, VC, AMU Aligarh signing the visitors book of Sir Syed Academy on 17th Oct. 2006

Sir Syed Academy
Sir Syed House AMU Aligarh 202002

Sir Syed Academy

Video Tour of Sir Syed Academy (Sir Syed House)

A Tour of Sir Syed Academy, AMU Aligarh - Part-I

A Tour of Sir Syed Academy, AMU Aligarh - Part-II

A Tour of Sir Syed Academy, AMU Aligarh - Part-III (Final)

Sir Syed House Property dispute with family of Sir Syed

ALIGARH December 6: Civil Judge (Senior Division) of Aligarh in Wakf references Aligarh Muslim University versus Ms. Sheherazade Tilat Alim on December 4, 2010 has directed AMU and Ms. Alim to maintain status quo on property known as Sir Syed House property. The Court has also ordered that the case file for objections disposal application must be presented on December 15, 2010. Both the applications will be disposed off simultaneously.
Originally a military mess housed, it was purchased by Justice Syed Mehmud for the residence of his father Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in October 1876. After the death of the founder in March 1898 it was used as a boys’ hostel. English House, a portion of it, was occupied by the widow of Syed Mehmud. Ross Masood, the grandson of Sir Syed was brought up and educated here. It was used as Vice Chancellor’s residence during Sir Ross Masood’s tenure as Vice Chancellor in 1929-34.
After the partition of the country, Syed Ross Masood’s son, the legal heir to this property, migrated to Pakistan and the property became the “Evacuee Property”.
In 1959-60, the then Vice Chancellor, Col. B. H. Zaidi took up the matter of its purchase with the University Grants’ Commission. UGC agreed to the proposal and the entire estate covering an area of 13.7 acres was purchased at a cost of Rs. 1,62,782 from the Ministry of Rehabilitation, Government of India.
Col. Zaidi also succeeded in obtaining a grant of Rs. Fifty Thousand from the late Bakhshi Ghulam Mohammad, the then Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir for the reconstruction of Sir Syed House.
Prof. A. M. Khusroo established Sir Syed Academy in 1974 and it was inaugurated by Nawab Akbar Ali Khan, the then Governor of UP.
Ms. Sheherazade Alim, great great-granddaughter of Sir Syed stalked claim to a part of the appertaining land to the sprawling bunglow in which Sir Syed used to live. Following prolonged litigation, Mr. Mahmoodur Rahman, Vice Chancellor in 1999 agreed to part with about 1800 sq meters of the land to Ms. Alim.
She had earlier obtained a title from the court. She sold the land for Rs. 55 lakh to a builder for construction of flats.

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Public Relations Officer

Sir Syed Bi-Centenary


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