Muslim Taj Ahmad

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Prof. Muslim Taj Ahmad

By Afzal Usmani

Since April 2007, when I started my series on eminent Aligarians (, which was later moved to, I was thinking to write on some of eminent teachers of Zakir Hussain College of Engineering & Technology (ZHCOET) AMU Aligarh of our time and had shortlisted few names like Prof. N.A. Khan (Former Dean & Principal) and the author of a book Matrics and Determinants which was prescribed in our Engineering curriculum, Prof. Yahya Ansari and of course Prof. Muslim Taj Ahmad. On the former two, I have very little information as they all were retired even before I joined Engineering College and for later, I was waiting for his retirement which was due sometime in 2010. I have never imagined that, the first teacher from Department of Electronics Engineering with whom I interacted on the first day of my Engineering College life, Prof. Muslim Taj will leave us so early. This is a bitter truth which reminds us the only certain thing in this world which we all know for sure that one or the other day, we all have to taste the test of death.

On 5th November, 1990 when I took admission in Engineering College, Prof. Muslim Taj Ahmad was Chairman of Department of Electronics Engineering, AMU Aligarh. The department of Electronics Engineering was separated from Department of Electrical Engineering sometime in 1988 and Prof. M.T. Ahmad became its Founding Chairman. Even though, Prof. Farid Ghani was senior most faculty member of the Dept. of EE but his extra ordinary leave (EOL) paved the way for Prof. M.T. Ahmad to become the founding Chairman of Department of EE of ZHCOET, AMU Aligarh. Prof. M.T. Ahmad was also became Founding Director of newly established Computer Center since its inception since late 80s till he was a faculty in Dept. Electronics Engineering. He resigned from Dept. of EE sometime in 1994 and moved to Bahrain and was there till 2003 when he was appointed as Principal of Zakir Hussain College of Engineering & Technology, AMU Aligarh.

Professor Ahmed was born on 14th September 1945. He obtained his B.Sc. Engineering degree in 1967 from AMU, Aligarh and completed his M.Tech and PhD from IIT, Delhi in Electrical Engineering. He joined the Department of Electrical Engineering in 1967 and was later promoted as Professor. After serving the University for about 27 years he joined the University of Bahrain as Professor. He was the Founder Chairman of the Electronics Engineering Department, and Coordinator of the BE (Evening) Courses. He was also serving as the Director of the Computer Centre. He took over as Principal in 2003 and remained so until his death. He worked vigorously for the up-gradation of the Engineering College to the level of IIT. Prof. M. T. Ahmed was a popular teacher and was loved by his students. He was always ready to help anyone and was always surrounded by his colleagues and students. Professor Ahmed discharged his duties with devotion and dedication. Prof. Ahmed had a long association with Computer Center as its Director from 1988 to 1994, and served the Center in same capacity from 2004 till his death.

After the retirement of Prof. Mohammad Amir Jani as Principal in 1994, ZHCOET does not have a Permanent Principal. Prof. M.T. Ahmad's appointment as Principal of ZHCOET after a gap of almost 10 years was positive news for ZHCOET and its fraternity. Prof. M.T.Ahmad's dynamic personality continued the legacy of his predecessor Prof. Razaullah Khan and gave a new look to the College and played a vital role to push ZHCOET to get upgraded to IIT. Even though it did not happened but ZHCOET witnessed a lot of improvement in the process. During my last visit to AMU in January, 2009, it was a pleasant surprise for me that Prof. M.T. Ahmad took keen interest in my technical talk in Dept. of Electronics Engineering and asked very interesting questions pertaining to the subject of talk and also expressed his desire to play a key role to bridge the gap between academia of AMU and Industry specially to EE. He personally invited me to his office and we had a detailed talk on the subject. He asked me to spend some time in AMU to mentor and guide EE students. I never imagined to be my last meeting with him. His sudden death has shocked entire AMU community and his students and well wishers. He breathed last at Medi City Gurgaon on 8th May 2010. The Namaze-Janaza was offered after the FAZR prayer on 9th May 2010 and he was buried in University graveyard "Minto-E".



Prof. M.T. Ahmad during the First World Alumni Summit at AMU Aligarh



Prof. M.T. Ahmad during the reception of Er. Zakir Ali Khan, an eminent Aligarian and alumni of ZHCOET

Prof M.T.Ahmed

The entire fraternity is in a state of shock at the untimely demise of Prof. M.T.Ahmed. Unfortunately, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Medicity seems to be brutally commercially driven contrary to their vision statement of providing medical services to patients with care, compassion, commitment.

There was an element of error in that 10 hr long surgery carried out by the team of doctors that led to a series of complications, unexplainable diagnostic and rectifiable procedures carried out in between and finally to his death. There is only so much of abuse a body can take.

What was supposed to be a simple diagnostic surgery turned out to be a fatal one for Prof M.T.Ahmed for no fault of his leaving his family in a state of shock and settling a hefty bill from Medicity for procedures that were totally uncalled for.

Prof. M.T. Ahmad

ASWRBKT Everyone
I am really shocked to hear about the demise of Prof.
Muslim Taj Sb. Though I had no interaction with him, may be he did not know me personally yet I used to learn a lesson from him on every Friday when he used to visit his sister(Dr. Nikhat Taj - our neighbor) after Namaz-e-Juma. His visit to his sister's place was a reminder for me to remember and call my sister immediately. May Allah (S.W.T.) grant him a place in Heaven and sabr to his bereaved family.

Prof. Nawab Ali Khan
AMU Aligarh


The mortal remains of Prof. Muslim Taj Ahmad, Principal, Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology, Aligarh Muslim University was set to rest at 7:00 a.m. today at Minto E, the University graveyard.

A large number of members of AMU community including Vice Chancellor Prof. P. K. Abdul Azis, Registrar Prof. V. K. Abdul Jaleel, Controller, Prof. Pervez Mustajab and other University functionaries attended the last rites.

Prof. Taj had breathed his last at Medicity Hospital, Gurgaon. He was suffering from lever cancer which was detected about three weeks ago. He was 64. He left behind him wife and a son and a daughter, both are settled abroad.

Prof. Muslim Taj served the Aligarh Muslim University in many distinct capacities. He was a brilliant teacher and a researcher who carved a distinct place in the academic realm of AMU. He served the University as the founder Chairman of Electronics Engineering department. He was also Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology and was the serving Principal of Z. H. College of Engineering and Technology and also a Director of Computer Centre.

Prof. P. K. Abdul Azis, Vice Chancellor said that the University has lost an academic and administrative stalwart who had dedicated his life for the advancement of technical education and rendered yeomen services in upgrading the Aligarh Muslim University’s College of Engineering and Technology. Prof. Taj was instrumental in the creation of the new website of Aligarh Muslim University.

(Dr. Rahat Abrar)

Public Relations Officer


AMU mourns demise of Prof. Muslim Taj Ahmad
Submitted by admin3 on 9 May 2010 - 7:29pm.

* Indian Muslim

By TCN News,

Aligarh: Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is mourning the sad demise of Prof. Muslim Taj Ahmad, Principal of Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology, AMU. He was buried today morning in Minto E, the University graveyard.

A large number of members of AMU community including Vice Chancellor Prof. P. K. Abdul Azis, Registrar Prof. V. K. Abdul Jaleel, Controller, Prof. Pervez Mustajab and other University functionaries attended the burial program.

Prof. Taj breathed his last at Medicity Hospital, Gurgaon at the age of 64. He was suffering from lever cancer which was detected about three weeks ago. He survived by his wife and a son and a daughter, both are settled in abroad.

Read the complete news;



Prof Muslim Taj Ahmad Principal ZHCET and Director Computer Centre AMU Aligarh breathed his last today at Medi City Gurgaon, May Allah Give him Place in Jannatul Firdaus (Aameen) and sabre jameel to the family,

Mohammad Rashid Aqeel
Computer Centre
AMU Aligarh


It is my unhappy duty to inform the AMU community that AMU institution lost one distinguished member of its faculty today. Professor Muslim Taj died at around 3:00 PM (IST) this afternoon. He will be buried in Aligarh tomorrow.

Popularly, the late Professor was known as M. T. Ahmed. He was one of the brilliant products of Z.H. College of Engineering & Technology. Just after obtaining his B.Sc. Eng Degree he started his teaching career in Electrical Engineering department of the college. He was known for his dedication to teaching. After earning his Ph.D. Degree from IIT Delhi his knowledge of research has started shining in the department and he proved himself as one of the best international researchers too. He will be remembered for his services as head departments, dean, principal and director of computer centre.

Late, Dr. Taj had left behind Mrs. Taj (Yasmeen bhabhi), a daughter (Hina) and a son (Suhail).

I have many memories as his student, colleague and friend of his younger brother Shammim Taj. My condolences to each of his family members, his students, his colleagues, his friends and his well wishers along with AMU community at all over the world. May Allah give a place to him in Jannat and courage to bear the very fact of the life to his family members – Aameen.

Afaq Ahmad

Muscat, Oman

Sad Demise of Prof. M.T. Ahmad

The death of Muslim Sahab is a personal loss for me, I has lost a fatherly
figure, my mentor the person who taught me the ABC's of research. The AMU
community has lost one of its most honest, dedicated, sincere member who can
never never be replaced. Prof M T Ahmed Sahab MArhoon Wa MAghfoor was the
founding Chairman od Electronics Engineering Department, a true academician
listed in the first five thousand world personalities of Electronics Engineering
in the American Bibliography of Electronics Engineers. I still remember when he
joined as Consultant of the Common Computer Unit of Controllers office in 1988.
With dedication and honesty the work was carried out there under his supervision
and guidance. who can forget his sincere role in the establishment of department
of computer science, his efforts when hwe took over as the Director Computer
CEntre. His work is so much more that all of it can not be listed in these
We can thank him for his contribution to AMU only with praying and sending
"SAWAB" to him by reading Quran.
Yasmeen Bhabhi your presence is a nsolation for me. We are always with you, Mrs.
Nikhat, Hina, Ghazali, Sohail. We are always with you.

Syed Hamid Hasan
MSC 1978, PGDCS 1979
Ex Chairman Department of Computer Science
From Muscat Oman

Condolence Meeting at AMU for Prof. Muslim Taj Ahmad

Dear all,

Sudden death of prof.Muslim Taj is a great loss to this university, He was a great Teacher, thinker, philospher and loved by everyone on this campus. We all prayed to almighty allah for peace to the departed soul.

Dr.Mansoor Alam siddiqui
Womens College,AMU

Prof T Ahmed was not my

Prof T Ahmed was not my direct teacher, but I have tremendous respect for him because I was fortunate enough to know him socially & spend time with him & his wonderful family during my AMU days. There was so much to learn from him ,his patience with everyone around him was admirable & his knowledge extended beyond the realms of his own discipline which was a beacon of light in AMU, both qualities I found to be very rare in Aligarh. My prayers are with his family & for his departed soul.

Sir Syed Bi-Centenary


Hamiduddin Farahi


ZH Chowdhury

Satish Chandra